Force of nature

from by Swordwielder

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One of the new tracks from the upcoming album


In a land that has no sun war cries break the silence
This was not what nature intended , to serve a master class

Grim vision of battle

The priest stand on the altar, off with their heads
The few who have seized power will face a mortal attack

In a land that has no sun darkness all there is under
a blackened sky.
Legions gather strength to wage a final attack.
Blood stained ground, violent retribution

This is hell, this is nightmare

Ashes of kings Like dust in the fukking wind
Their temples in ruins never to rise again for a social
order where masters hang from trees.
Death to the tyrant now your time has come
Crawling like maggots crawling in their own filth.
The sun will rise your time, your time is now

This is hell, this is nightmare

To all of you that i loved so well, Lets go where no
tyrants, no master they dwell. Where faith kills not
and where no god rules supreme where the force
of nature is strong

Master you are now dead
This is your hell


from Grim visions of battle, released October 31, 2013



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Swordwielder Sweden

We´re from Gothenburg, Sweden. We have done a demo and an LP "Grim visions of battle".
Contact us at: or down below.
Keep on wielding!

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